XXIII - International Scientific Conference on
Mathematical Methods in Technics and Technologies- - 23
June 22 24, 2010, Saratov State Technical University, Saratov city, Russian Federation



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About Saratov Sity

   Saratov is an important city in Russia. It is a big scientific, cultural, educational, industrial and agricultural center. Population of it is 954,000. The architectural composition of the city contains elements of different styles; there are a lot of mixed elements of ancient and modern traditions in it. There are about 2 thousands enterprises working nowadays in Saratov. The region is famous for its chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, glass, machine building, energy and electricity, civil construction, food and light industries.
  In Saratov there are six institutes affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences, 21 research institutes, 19 project institutes, Saratov State University (SSU) and many scientific and technological laboratories attached to the largest industrial enterprises.
  SSU is one of the oldest universities in Russia; it was founded in 1909. SSU won an all-Russian competition Innovative University. Its junior team is a prizewinner of the programming world championship among the students.

About Saratov State Technical University

The conference will be held at SSTU which is one of the leading Russian technical universities. SSTU was founded in 1930. More than 28 thousands students are studying here now; there are about 80 directions and specializations: machine building, architecture, civil construction, bridge construction,
power engineering, information technologies, electronics, radio engineering, motor-car engineering, instrument-making, etc. are among them. SSTU contains 92 departments, 16 faculties, 4 institutions, 3 colleges and lyceum, International Educational Centre. It is famous for its innovative and scientific researches including the mathematical methods in technologies development. Basic and applied researches include 21 scientific directions, which are confirmed by a special committee Scientific Board of SSTU. Mathematical modeling in natural sciences, researches in kinetics and design of mechanisms of heterogeneous chemical processes with the object of creating new materials and equipments; information technologies, computer engineering, electronics, systems and elements of management and navigation in natural sciences and technical tasks; improvement of industrial and transport technologies and using the thermal and electric energy are among them. The total sum of scientific and innovative activities is 225,4 mil. Rubles. More than 130 Ph. D. Theses and about 20 doctorial theses are defended annually at SSTU.
Professors and others members of teaching stuff annually publicize more than 20 monographs, 1660 articles, take out about 30 patents for inventions. About 30 scientific - technical conferences are holding here annually, moreover half of them has an international status.




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